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Turn around…

Walking backward into the ocean.
Wondering if the next wave will hit me hard or be gentle.
Afraid of the unknown I step into…
based on the memories of the past waves that hit me.

Just turn around.
Now you can see the waves as they form…
Each one has nothing to do with the waves that passed by.
Each wave is new.

Walking backwards into the future.
Looking into the past.
Afraid of the unknown I step into…
based on the memories of the past experiences that hit me.

Just turn around.
Now step into the future.
Each moment is new.

~Shweta Mitra

Are you ready to move forward?

Do you have a goal, desire or a dream that you’re ready to realize?

Are you ready for optimal health, prosperity, well-being?

What is your highest vision?

Health * Relationships * Self Image * Prosperity * Career

Let’s “turn around and step into your future” together.

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“This symbol represents a photograph of the crystal, Charoite, by Andrei Rykoff (reprinted with permission).

Charoite, combining green-gold for heart and healing with purple for connection to our Source, reminds us of the possibilities of deep healing on all levels.

In numerology, the 10 points of the illuminated star translate to a one (1), which means New Beginnings.

Through your own healing journey, may you discover your own Illumination (your own Light!) and your own interpretation of A New Beginning.”
by Merle Eskowitz